• I Several initiatives of Punyah

    ‘Step-Up’, ‘Trishnah’, ‘Punyah Radio club’ are well received and generated a goodwill among the academic circles and student communities.
  • II Step Up

    An annual career guidance program for students from 9th standard to 12th standard. Objective is to apprise the students on the latest trends in education and give an insight into various courses/career options available. A platform to meet and interact with the leading educationalists and academicians.
  • III Trishnah

    An annual inter school and inter college quiz competition held in Coimbatore. Objective is to expose the kids to the wonderland of general knowledge and inculcate the spirit of competition.
  • IV Punyah Radio club

    A talent promotion activity in collaboration with All India Radio, Coimbatore where children under our care of Punyah Foundation get a chance to show case their talents. Our four programs went on air, much to the thrill of the children and their families.
  • V Fund Raisers

    We conduct annual sport events to raise funds and to spread the message of gift of education among public and corporates. Punyah Cricket League is conducted among corporates and Punyah Badminton League is open for sports enthusiasts of all ages and walks of life.

    We proactively explore options to create platforms to recognize and nurture the talents of these children.

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